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A Southwest 737 landing at LAX. Credit: Bella Nava



COVID-19: We all know and hate it. Southwest, Delta and JetBlue are one of the only carriers blocking out the middle seat, while Spirit, American and United Airlines are not. I recently took a flight with Southwest from Los Angeles to Chicago. Here's my review:

At LAX only passengers flying out were allowed to enter the building. Masks were required on all airport grounds, but for TSA they may ask you to take your mask off for identification.There are few shops open making the terminal much quieter than usual. Seats were cleaned regularly by airport staff. 


When it was time to board, Southwest only called 10 boarding groups at a time. During the boarding process, flight crew reminded the passengers to keep the middle seat open. During takeoff, here are a few differences I noticed:


-Southwest blocked the middle seats out for passengers to sit on.

-Open seat policy is still available 
-Masks are required on board.

-If you are traveling with family you may sit in the middle seat

-Flight crew are wearing masks

-Limited service was offered (still received snacks but less than pre-covid services.)



Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Calvin Stewart



Snacks were served on the flight. Each passenger did receive a small water cup and a little bag of Southwest snack mix. Other than those differences, the flight was as normal as a Pre-Covid flight.

Landing at Midway was not really as different; there were no temperature checks or anything out of the ordinary. The only things I saw were closed shops and mask reminders by the airport security.


Overall the flight was great. Southwest is dealing with COVID as a good company should. The flight crew was amazing and I would definitely recommend flying on Southwest! The crew even let me see the flight deck! For more photos check out my Instagram:


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