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Essential Air Service Contracts (EAS) Explained

How are EAS contracts awarded? The system is complex and requires many moving parts, but ultimately the DOT uses a well-structured bid process to sele ...

By Davis Turner • 05/18/2023
Spirit Airlines: Baggage Rules and Policies

Flying Spirit Airlines can sometimes be quite a confusing endeavor due to the carrier's confusing policies. This is a comprehensive guide on Spirit Ai ...

By Adam Schupak • 05/15/2023
Plane Spotting at Heathrow, Manchester, and More: A Brief Guide

A British Spotting Guide for the major airports in England. If you ever wanted some tips for good locations and helpful pointers on spotting at the ma ...

By Luca Joe Azim • 05/01/2023
What is The Single European Sky Initiative? A Brief Explanation

An explanation of the Single European Sky (SES) Initiative. Europe suffers from complex regulatory structures over airspace and airline traffic manage ...

By Davis Turner • 04/12/2023

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