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Semi-Private Airlines: Premium for Less

Ever wanted a private experience but don't own a jet? Welcome to the world of Semi-Private Airlines. These corporate-style carriers offer travelers th ...

By Zachary Liddy-Davis • 01/30/2023
Attending an Aviation University in the US: The Pros and Cons

If you have been considering attending an aviation university in the United States, then you know the decision is complex. While it provides you with ...

By AeroXplorer.com Staff • 01/27/2023
From Baggage Allowance to Lounge Access: Your Flight Benefits with British Airways

If you ever had questions regarding your flight benefits on an upcoming British Airways flight, here is a one-stop guide to your baggage allowance, lo ...

By Ejaaz Cadinouche • 01/27/2023
TSA PreCheck vs CLEAR: Which is Better?

Travelers at airports often regard security as a big nuisance, as they have to wait for upwards of an hour at a time to get bags screened. Domestic U. ...

By Davis Turner • 01/26/2023

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