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Boeing 737 vs. Airbus A320: The Ultimate Narrowbody Aircraft Showdown

No two aircraft have made air travel more accessible than the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. These are the two most common aircraft families in the world ...

By Hadi Ahmad • 07/01/2024
Sunlight After Sunset: SpaceX Rocket Launch Creates Incredible Effect Over Southwest US

Those observing a SpaceX rocket launch in Arizona on June 23 were in for a spectacular surprise when they saw a glowing trail of exhaust in the sky. T ...

By Adam Schupak • 06/25/2024
Cessna 172: The Most Popular Aircraft Ever Built

With over 45,000 aircraft being produced, the Cessna 172 is by far the most popular aircraft ever built. From flight training to weekend flights to mi ...

By Jasper Yu-Dawidowicz • 06/22/2024
I Flew Around the World. Here's How it Went.

Recently, I flew around the globe, with a trip to Southeast Asia in the mix as well. Some general outtakes from my adventure were positive, as the bud ...

By Lukas Woerner • 06/21/2024

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