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Top 5 Liveries at San Diego

List and explanation of my top 5 liveries to come through San Diego with descriptions of each in addition to a brief list of honorable mentions.

By Zachary Liddy-Davis • 05/09/2022
Breeze Airways Partners with Autism Double-Checked

Breeze and organization Autism Double-Checked are making it easier for Autistic people to fly. As a new entrant, Breeze seems to be fulfilling its pro ...

By Luca Azim • 05/08/2022
An Inside Perspective: Working as a Ramper

The aviation industry presents many career paths. If one is interested in working at the airport, then being a ramper may be a great choice.

By Zachary Liddy-Davis • 05/04/2022
The Cessna 182: A Pilot's Dream

Article detailing the Cessna 182, and why it's the most beloved single engine piston aircraft to ever be produced. This beautiful airplane holds true ...

By Luke Zinn • 04/26/2022

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