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ExpressJet, a regional airline that flies under United Express, will be dropped by United. The announcment came from United on Thursday, July 30, 2020. They plan to "consolidate all of its outsourced flying on 50-seat planes with regional rival CommutAir." 


Because ExpressJet is a regional airline, they do not have any of their own aircraft. They lease all of their aircraft from United. This means ExpressJet will not having any aircraft, forcing them to cease operations. 

ExpressJet Airlines was dropped by United. Brady Noble

"Reuters reported United's choice between the two carriers on Monday, after it saw a union letter to ExpressJet pilots warning that the choice could have a 'dramatic impact' on the future of ExpressJet." This means United chose to keep CommutAir over ExpressJet, but knew ExpressJet would go under. United also said in a statement "CommutAir will become its sole operator of Embraer SA E145 50-seat planes, under a transition that will take a number of months." 


ExpressJet employs around 3,000 people, and while the airline is still technically up and running, it will only be a few weeks until the airline runs out of money, unless it can reach a deal with American Airlines (American Eagle) or Delta (Delta Connection).


Unless ExpressJet can sign either American or Delta, they will shut down all operations. Brady Noble

United also recently lost another one of its regional airlines, Trans State Airlines, which announced termination of services earlier in the year after going downhill for several months. The current United Express partners are Air Wisconsin, Commut Air, GoJet Airlines, Mesa Airlines, Republic Airlines, and SkyWest Airlines. 


Trans States Airlines Embraer E145
Trans State Airlines, or TSA, recently shut down operations. Winston Shek

How do you feel about ExpressJet being dropped by United and ceasing operations? Do you have any experiences with them? What do you think the chances are ExpressJet will be able to recover?

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