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TheExplorerBlog.com StaffSTAFF | 12/29/2019

TheExplorerBlog values the support from their community especially the communities beautiful photos.  Some plane spotters exemplify the true meaning of what it means to be a great spotter.  However, there are guidelines that make photos great which we make the guidelines of our website.

  1. Good Exposure

At TheExplorerBlog, we obviously make sure that the aircraft is correctly exposed.  This allows the aircraft to be shown in the correct light.

Rejection Example:

  1. Information is correct

At TheExplorerBlog, we want correct information for each aircraft.  We want each person to enjoy our photos and incorrect information would be harmful to our page.

Example: KLM B772 PH-BQL at IAD

  1. Photo is sharp

At TheExplorerBlog, we want to make sure the aircraft looks clear and concise.  We do not want the aircraft's features to be obstructed or not clear.

Rejection Example: 

  1. Color is good

At TheExplorerBlog, we strive for good quality in terms of color.  We want to make sure the aircraft is in the purest form in its color.

Rejection Examples: 

  1. Photo is of an airplane or an airport

TheExplorerBlog covers mainly aviation and our photos should cover aviation too.  TheExplorerBlog is not a place where users submit landscapes, portraits, etc.  TheExplorerBlog does not accept pictures of model airplanes/airports, or flight sims. 

Rejection Example: 

  1. Good Centering

At TheExplorerBlog, we want the aircraft to be directly highlighted and it is best that the aircraft is in the middle of the image.

Rejection Example: 

  1. Contrast is Good

Rejection Examples:


  1. Aspect Ratio is Good

We at TheExplorerBlog currently accept only 16:9 and 16:11 photos.  However, we are planning on accommodating more size ratios in the future.

  1. Horizon is Level

Rejection Example:


  1. The Airplane is not obstructed

Rejection Example: 

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