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Denver International Airport (DEN) is the main airport for the Colorado Area and Western slope. DEN opened in 1995.  Before DEN became the main airport, Stapleton was the main airport from 1929-1995. DEN covers an area of 54.05 square miles.

DEN is a hub for United, Southwest, Frontier. 

There are some spots at DEN you may get questioned by either TSA or Airport OPS as to what you are doing. There are also two spots on public land, 120th and 56th, where Denver police might stop and talk, but they are generally really nice and are willing to let you stay and take photos

Here is a map of the public spotting locations.


Spot #1: Final Approach 


This location is very good for westbound departures. The photos will require some editing because of the power lines for the train and the poles.  This spot is very good for "golden hour" spotting. This means the aircraft might be front lit and golden. 


Photo of N704FR - Frontier Airlines Airbus A321-200
Photo of N610UX - United Express Embraer E175


Photo of N12225 - United Airlines Boeing 737-800




Spot #2 56th Ave


This location is good for Arrivals from the South, Northeast, Southwest. The Aircraft fly directly over head, but you may have to either walk up or down the side of the road to get good photos depending on the runway in use. This spot is very good for side and landing gear shots. This spot allows you to spot 35L and 35R which heavy traffic prefer to land on because this is where the longer runways are located.


Photo of N966JT - JetBlue Airways Airbus A321-200


Photo of N29907 - United Airlines Boeing 787-8


Photo of N220FR - Frontier Airlines Airbus A320




Spot #3 Valley Head Rd 


This location is very good for arrivals on 35L and very good for "golden hour" photos. You can see heavy aircraft landing. There is a little cement placement that you can stand on and shoot over the fence. You might get talked to by Airport Ops but normally they leave spotters alone here.


Photo of N496UA - United Airlines Airbus A320


Photo of N230FR - Frontier Airbus A320


Photo of N116DU - Delta Airlines Airbus A220-100




Spot #4 West Garage


This location is good for getting photos of aircraft taxing to and from the gate. It also gives a good view of the taxiway to runway 25. This location also has a good view of landing traffic on 34R. The two downsides to this spot are, you have to pay for parking, and this location is only usable from sunrise to mid afternoon because after that, the planes will be backlit.


Photo of N856DU - Delta Airlines Boeing 737-900ER
Photo of N284AK - Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900ER


Photo of N109DU - Delta Airlines Airbus A220-200


Photo of N612UX - United Express Embraer E175




Spot #5 East Garage


This location is good for getting planes taxing to the gates and off of runway 35L. The downsides of this spot are, you have to pay for it, and this spot is only useful from mid afternoon to sunset because the planes will be backlit in the morning. 


Photo of N207FR - Frontier Airlines Airbus A320


Photo of N242NV - Allegiant Air Airbus A320


Photo of N140FE - FedEx Boeing 767-300F


Photo of N370FR - Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-200N



Spot #6 120th Ave


This location is good for getting landing photos due to the aircraft flying directly above you. This spot, if you use the entire road, allows you to spot for runways 16R, 16L, 17R, 17L. European airlines prefer to land on these runways mainly because they face the north. This location is generally really good for lighting all day, you may just need to move up and down on the road depending on the sun's location.



Photo of N37471 - United Airlines Boeing 737-900


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