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A man was arrested at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas the afternoon of Saturday, December 12, after he jumped a runway fence and climbed onto the wing of Alaska Airlines Flight 1367 bound for Portland, Ore. The mysterious fence-jumper was first reported to the police at 1:40 PM after being spotted by the pilot, who had notified air traffic control immediately. How he managed to get onto the wing remains unclear.


Twitter / Brooke Knight



After about a minute on the wing, the man tried to climb up the scimitar, presumably to evade police who were walking towards him on the wing. He slipped off and was immediately taken into custody. Alaska Airlines 1367 continued its flight to Portland without issues.


Authorities believe the man was either impaired or mentally ill.



planemoe1967: I've been a pilot for 25 years and have never heard of a part of an airplane called a "scimitar". What part of an airplane is that?
danielmena: On the newer boeing 737s, the winglet model that splits and goes up
planemoe1967: Thanks!!!!!
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