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Montral/Mirabel-based Nolinor Aviation announced the launch of leisure airline OWG on Tuesday, July 7, 2020. / OWG website



It's an odd time to be starting an airline, given the pandemic and its implications for air travel. Yet, Canada's Nolinor Aviation continues to push forth with the introduction of its new brand. Recently, across multiple social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, Canadian charter airline Nolinor Aviation had been hinting at a "new division with a new name, a new mission and a stunning new livery design" on multiple posts across social media. Now that the carrier's ambitions have finally been revealed, let's explain them.



"New Division" Announcement

Nolinor, which operates the world's largest fleet of 737-200 aircraft, is known for its charter service to the rugged Canadian north. However, per the airline's Instagram, Nolinor has just announced the launch of new airline OWG. As stated in a recent post, "[the airline] isn't replacing the classic Nolinor livery, [it] is just giving a new brand to a new division." The airline is simply creating a new subsidiary, it would seem, rather than rebranding the parent airline as was previously thought by some. Let's reveal some information about OWG Airlines.



OWG Airlines Details

Target Market

According to the Instagram of OWG, the airline will begin "offering flights to Southern destinations" from Montreal-Mirabel Airport. By this statement, we assume the airline will try to break into the large market of Canadian snowbird/leisure travel. Possible destinations will likely include Cuba, the Caribbean, and Florida.


The 737-400s will be configured in the standard 3-3 layout of the industry, with an all-economy capacity for 158 pax. Credit:
As shown in the airline's striking blue-and-red livery, OWG seeks to "reinvent the travel experience by putting passengers at the heart of our business." Credit:


Fleet Type

On the airline's website, future plans for the new brand have already been made public. Translated from French, the website states, "OWG's aircraft fleet is primarily made up of Boeing 737-400s. This proven type of aircraft allows OWG to offer more distant destinations with no stopovers." It is presumable that OWG will start by acquiring Nolinor's existing 737-400s, since most -400s are now retired or scrapped due to the type's age. As the airline tells relieved customers: "this is the model before the 800, not a MAX." Further, the cabin configuration of the planned -400s is the same as that listed on Nolinor's website, further showing how these aircraft will probably be transferred from Nolinor to OWG. These 737-400s will be configured in the standard 3-3 layout of the industry, with an all-economy capacity for 158 pax.




According to OWG's website, "the heart represented on our logo clearly indicates the positive aspect of our proposal, and the plane symbolizes the journey." OWG seeks to "reinvent the travel experience by putting passengers at the heart of our business."




Quebec's Nolinor Aviation has announced the launch of its new division, named OWG. OWG aims to serve the Canadian leisure market, with flights "to Southern destinations" which are always in high demand from Quebec. The airline plans to use Boeing 737-400s in a 3-3 all-economy configuration, inherited from partner/parent airline Nolinor. Presumably, the airline will be low-cost focused in order to best compete with other Canadian leisure airlines.


Are you excited for the arrival of a new airline into the Canadian leisure market? What are your thoughts on OWG's vibrant livery?

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