By Demo Mena 07/31/2020 1617 views

Recently, Airbus has been eyeing a solution for the large amounts of emissions produced by airliners using jet fuel. According to Biological Diversity, if airplanes continue to use jet fuel to operate, by 2050, they will have generated an estimated 43 metric gigatons (43 billion metric tons) of carbon dioxide alone. This is why Airbus has been looking into hydrogen-powered airliners which are expected to be released in the early 2030s. Glenn Llewellyn, the Vice President of zero-emissions technology for Airbus said that hydrogen can be produced by solar or wind. AIOnline summarizes what Llewellyn later said: "[the] energy can be carried onboard through fuel cells to drive gas turbines or a hybrid-electric combination of the two" 


              ^  A diagram of what possible hydrogen-powered air travel could look like ^                  Credit:


Airbus has also been recently evaluating the possibility of 100 percent electric-powered aircraft. These aircraft would be powered by the sun which would also make perpetual flight possible.


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