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As the holiday season nears, many airlines are releasing black Friday deals in order to encourage more people to fly. Some airlines have gone to great lengths to make their deals appealing. This article will outline many airline Black Friday deals and cheap fares you can capitalize on, as well as the link to purchase.


This list is linked to an Event Stream, and will automatically update when new deals are added.


NOTE: TheExplorerBlog is not paid nor endorsed by these airlines to promote their material.


United Airlines


TheExplorerBlog | Jack Goldberg


DENDFW12/4 - 12/17$36Click hereYes No
SEADEN12/4 - 12/31$49Click hereYes No
MIAORD12/1 - 12/29$36Click hereYes No
DFWEWR12/8 - 12/19$49Click hereYes No
DFWDEN12/5, 12/6, 12/8-10$36Click hereYes No
DFWORD12/4 - 12/21$36Click hereYes No
SFODEN12/4 - 3/4$54Click hereYes No
LAXLAS12/4 - 12/25$36Click hereYes No


Delta Airlines


Michael Rodeback


DALLGA via ATL12/4 - 12/17$53Click hereYes No


Southwest Airlines


TheExplorerBlog | Jasper Kringen




Alaska Airlines


TheExplorerBlog | Aiden Allen


SEASJCTues, Wed, and Thurs in Jan & Feb$49Click hereYesNo
SEASFOTues, Wed, and Thurs. in Jan & Feb$49Click hereYesNo
SEASANTues, Wed, and Sat. in Jan & Feb$49Click hereYesNo
SEAPHXAnytime if you book before 11/29$49Click hereYesNo
SEAMFRAnytime if you book before 11/29$49Click hereYesNo
SEALASAnytime if you book before 11/29$49Click hereYesNo
SEADENAnytime if you book before 11/29$49Click hereYesNo
SEAORD1/5 - 1/13, 1/20 - 2/28$69Click hereYesNo
SEABOIAnytime if you book before 11/29$Click hereYesNo
PDXSEATues, Wed, and Sat. in January$39Click hereYesNo
PDXLAXTues, Wed, and Sat. in January$49Click hereYesNo


American Airlines


TheExplorerBlog | Andrew Bissonnette


LGADFW12/16-12/19, 12/22-12/25$30Click hereYesNo


Other Airlines


TheExplorerBlog | Caleb Fleming


jetblueBOSEWR11/30-12/3, 12/22 - 12/25$29Click hereYesNo
frontierBOSLAX via MCO12/11, 12/14, 12/20 - 12/22$34Click hereYesNo
frontierDENSLC11/30 - 12/15$29Click hereYesNo
frontierDENORD12/1 - 12/17$17Click hereYesNo
frontierDENLAS12/5 - 12/16$17Click hereYesNo
spiritBWIMCOMondays & Thursdays in December$17Click hereYesNo
frontierLAXLAS11/28 - 12/21$18Click hereYesNo
frontierEWRMIA12/11 & 12/14, 12/18-12/31$18Click hereYesNo
spiritEWRLAX via FLL12/14$38Click hereYesNo
frontierBWIDEN12/18, 12/20-12/25$28Click hereYesNo



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