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TheExplorerBlog.com StaffSTAFF | 05/19/2020

An exceptionally spectacular photo is known as a featured photo on our site.  For this achievement, there are certain guidelines to help you reach this milestone.  Here are these guidelines, but first, a couple reminders.


  1. Photo can be any ratio and must be of an airplane/airport
  2. Photo must showcase exceptional skill

This includes these certain characteristics that have to be met

           a.  Aircraft Centered

           b. No Tint

           c.  Good Contrast

          d. Good Exposure

          e. At least ⅓ of airplane is in the photo

          f. Not much noise/grain or nonexistent noise/grain

          g. No dust spots

          h. Nothing cut off aircraft

          i. No clutter

          j. Photo is sharp

          k. Other stuff


       3. Photo must be in the 99th percentile in terms of quality and composition

       4. Photo must pass our photo guidelines

In short, if it would be acceptable on JetPhotos and airliners.net, there is a large chance that it would be featured here.


Sidenote: Aircraft rarities (special liveries, rare aircraft, etc.)raise chances of being featured

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