TAP Air Banned from Venezuela for 90 Days

Kyle JonasSTAFF | 02/20/2020

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Portugal's national carrier, TAP Air Portugal, has been banned from flying to and from Caracas, Venezuela for 90 days. Caracas is Venezuela's largest city and capital, and TAP's only destination within the country. TAP flew their 767-300 from Lisbon (LIS) to Caracas (CCS). Venezuela's Vice President, Decly Rodriguez, announced the ban on Twitter. The ban comes after "serious violations of Venezuelan civil Aeronautics regulations."


According to reports, TAP allowed Jaun Gaudio and his uncle on a TAP flight after an international tour with the intent of ousting Nicolas Maduro. Gaudio is the unofficial leader of Venezuela, with many international powers, including the U.S., recognizing him as the president of the country. He is the opposition to the official leader, dictator Nicolas Maduro. Tension between the two has caused several large conflicts, both within and out of the country. Guadio's uncle was arrested upon returning to Venezuela and charged with attempting to bring a small number of explosives into the country.

TAP Air Portugal, Portugal's national airline, has been banned from Venezuela for 3 months. TheExplorerBlog/Kyle Jonas

Portugal has called this ban "completely unfounded and unjustified." Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva has launched an investigation into the allegations. There has been no previous direct tension between the two countries, and it is unclear if this act has sparked any. It is also unknown at this time if TAP will resume flights to Venezuela once the 90-day ban is lifted. TAP Air Portugal has not publicly released any statements regarding the situation. They currently have no scheduled flights for when the ban ends. 

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