737 Lands in San Diego Missing Tail Parts

Calvin StewartSTAFF | 05/24/2020

On Tuesday, a Swift Air Boeing 737-800 was spotted landing at San Diego International Airport with a portion of the vertical stabilizer missing. The aircraft was photographed by Twitter user Doug Kempf, who shared his photo on the platform. 

 Kempf posted a follow-up showing the damage to the tail in greater detail. He says that he received information saying that "the damage occurred in flight and the crew was unaware."

The flight departed Southern California Logistics Airport, commonly known as Victorville, at 15:14 and landed in San Diego at 15:55. Victorville is primarily known as an aircraft boneyard, home to many retired 747's. 


Swift Air Boeing 737-400
A Swift Air (Now iAero) Boeing 737 departing MKE. Credit: Jared Jamel


iAero Airways, also known as Swift Air, is a Miami-based luxury airline which offers VIP, charter, and cargo flights. On their website, they claim to deliver the "pinnacle of private air travel". They fly mainly Boeing 737s, some of which being older variants like the -300 and -400 models.


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